What is a pop up wedding?

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A Pop Up Wedding is more than just a fancy elopement, it is an intimate, elegant, romantic and stress free wedding day at the fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding. It is a real wedding with two people who are in love, that have decided they want to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

It is completely legal and requires a minimum of two guests of legal age to act as witnesses and a maximum of 20 guests. Kiss n Run Pop Up Weddings also proudly cater for same sex wedding ceremonies and vow renewals.

The difference between a traditional wedding and a pop up wedding is the guest list, the stress level and the price. A Pop up Wedding gives you and your guests up to 90 minutes from the start to end. After this, you and your guests are free to celebrate by either catching a meal at one of our amazing restaurants within our local Tweed Coast area or in the comfort of your own home. Kiss N Run Pop Up Weddings ‘pop’ up at different times of the year in different locations.

Kiss N Run Pop Up weddings have a dynamic team made up of some of the best people in the industry, Heather Thiele, our beautiful highly sought after wedding celebrant, Crystal Mitchell, our talented photographer and Mel Varudo, our creative stylist.

If you have considered eloping or you just can’t seem to justify spending $20k + on your special day, then a Pop Up Wedding may be perfect for you.